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Let’s build.

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Let’s build.

We are BlackBriar.

Advanced Technology

We utilize new technologies effectively to enhance the entire building experience and streamline project coordination and accounting.

Diverse Services

From construction to project management to development, we ensure there’s synergy between you and our services in order to meet your specific objectives.

In-House Craftsmen

With over 40 in-house craftsmen on staff, we deploy skilled labor at crucial times to handle scope gaps without impacting the client’s budget.

Multi-Industry Experience

Our unique experience as owner’s reps and contractors gives us critical insight into our client’s needs and the contractor’s priorities.

In-House Craftsmen.

Better control, higher quality

Trade partners or subcontractors are often stretched thin and can’t always provide the manpower we need to succeed. That’s why Blackbriar has over 40 in-house staff on payroll to fill the gaps. We deploy this labor at key times in a project’s construction to maintain critical deadlines and handle scope gaps in the plans without impacting the client’s budget.

Exquisite Craftsmanship.

Where elegance meets precision

Blackbriar’s in-house team can also bid and price work against other subs for finished carpentry, millwork, cabinetry, and stone. Although we subcontract the vast majority of our work, we can perform some key scopes in-house at a reduced price by not marking up the work to the same level as a subcontractor.

Your Vision.

Bring your vision to life

Your vision is always top of mind. Our transparent process focuses on collaboration, communication, budget, minimizing risk, and ultimately helping you achieve the realization of your goals. Your success is supported by our expert guidance, our ability to de-risk a project, and a wealth of knowledge and experience, all leveraged to make your vision become reality.